espnSoccer has partnered with RallyMe, the No. 1 crowdfunding site for athletes and teams. To launch eSoccer crowdfunding go to The state-of-the-art fundraising platform was created exclusively for our clubs and teams to help them raise the funds they need to travel to the elite, world-class training programs.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a fancy term for asking many people for a small amount of financial help to achieve a clearly stated goal.

What is RallyMe?

Our funding tool is powered by, the No. 1 crowdfunding platform for athletes, teams and organizations. CNBC called RallyMe the “gold medal standard” in athlete crowdfunding.

What is a Rally campaign?

A Rally is a campaign for an athlete, team, or organization using RallyMe’s state-of-the-art platform tool. The Rally clearly states the athlete’s goal and provides the mechanism to raise the funds to make it happen. A Rally consists of videos, text, photos, and audio. We provide the easy steps on how to create a Rally and share it.

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